Kemi Adetiba Announces King of Boys Prequel

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King Of Boys

The King of Boys franchise is about to get bigger. According to a casual tweet from Kemi Adetiba, we will be seeing Toni Tones reprise her role as young Eniola in a prequel set in the years before she became the all-powerful King of Boys. The prequel, which is going to be a limited series, has already been commissioned.

While we don’t know when this prequel will be coming, the thought of it is super exciting! We could not get enough of both young Eniola’s story and Tones’ performances. Also, Adetiba is currently working on a sequel which she has hinted is going to be darker than the original.

She has also repeatedly teased the possibility of Reminisce’s Makanaki coming back. Remember, we saw Makanaki take those bullets, but his death was never confirmed.

With King of Boys, Adetiba created a vivid world of endless possibilities, one that intersects Nigeria’s dirty politics and Lagos’ chaotic underworld. It also pits powerful women against powerful men. Many of the characters, from Makanaki to Odogwu are intriguing enough to get standalone films, and we hope to see how this incredible world is explored in the future.

In the meantime, you can watch King of Boys on MyFilmhouse and Amazon. It comes out on Netflix on September 20 alongside Ay’s Merry Men and Niyi Akinmolayan’s Wedding Party: Dubai Destinations.