King Promise’s Selfish Is A Brew Of Intimacy and Sway

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Over the past year, he has released 4 solo singles, 4 videos, and over 10 collaborations with the biggest names out of Ghana and Nigeria. He (on the 18th of November) won an award at the MVAS and is headlining his debut tour ‘KING PROMISE LIVE’ in Ghana on the 30th of November 2017.

King Promise is certainly one of the most diligent covert artists of 2017, and proves so with his latest release – Selfish.

The single, produced by KILLBEATZ, is a brew of intimacy and sway. The strings on the guitar strum on almost every imaginable emotion in the human body, while the beat makes the stiffest of us move our feet. It is the best of both worlds. The King, with his voice, colours the already alluring beat to produce possibly his best work till date.

It is a song about relationships, love, sacrifice, beauty and pleasure. In an interview with Culture Custodian, King Promise explains that the inspiration behind the song is “telling girls all she wants to hear”.

With songs like Me Ne Woa (M.anifest ft King Promise) and Selfish released in a matter of weeks, and the his track record for 2017, King Promise is setting out to be the next big thing out of Africa. Ghana finally produces something efficacious to make up for their intense failure at an attempt to rival Nigerian Jollof.

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