DJ Big N, Don Jazzy and Kizz Daniel’s My Dear Is A Collab You Never Knew You Needed

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Kizz Daniel and Don Jazzy Vocals Harmonize on DJ Big N's My Dear

Every couple of months, some Nigerian artist and his record label have a falling out where the artist thinks he’s being exploited and starts taking matters into his own hands by running gigs on the side or something along those lines. The sad part is they signed a contract that most times clearly stated what is now happening. Kizz Daniel is one of the latest acts to escape these slavery deals and the material we continue to get is everything to make us happy he somehow found his way out. On Mavin disc jockey, DJ Big N’s latest release, ‘My Dear,’ he taps his label leader, Don Jazzy and flourishing pop act, Kizz Daniel.

Few and far between, Don Jazzy vocals are still a winning recipe and over an instrumental made to make you dance, they’re near perfect. Add Kizz Daniel’s touch on it and My Dear is one of those tracks that has enough to distinguish itself from the pack of records you’ve heard over May’s course.

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