Kizz Daniel’s Desire For The Good Life Shines Bright On ‘Flex’

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Since King Of Love, Kizz Daniel has diversified his artistic portfolio, testing the waters with different sounds and adapting to the experimental climate ruling the industry today. His last release Currently was an okay attempt at this but on his latest, Flex, he bridges the gap between the sounds that ruled his early beginnings and his new direction, working frequent collaborator, DJ Coublon’s jazz-tinged soundscape, to the best of his ability.

Kizz Daniel is known for his lover-boy inclinations, his third album, King Of Love is a testament to this, however, on Flex, the Kizz Daniel with a zest for life and its intricacies comes to the fore. “I just wan flex, make nobody halla for my head and if I push your button, you go push my button, I go rock your body” is his new manifesto and languidly, he tells of his desire for peace, projecting a demeanor that encourages tranquility.

Flex is a mixture of everything that drives this new phase of Kizz Daniel we’re witnessing, one driven by advancement and achievement.


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