Knucks pays homage to Nigerian heritage on new single ‘Rice and Stew’

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These days when Musicians veer off course and delve into non-conforming styles of delivery and production, it results in one of two things, either it serves as a pedestal for the artist to be launched into acclaimed dimensions or it becomes the sinking sand that plunges the artist into unknown depths. Rising North London Rapper meets Producer Knucks falls in the former category as his off-kilter delivery which borders heavily on R&B-sampling has earned him the support of his community and collaborations with the likes of Wretch 32 and Not3s.

Having recently celebrated his birthday with the release of the Usher-sampling 24, Knucks further attempts to solidify his presence in the industry by releasing Rice & Stewan ode to Knuck’s Nigerian heritage which sonically echoes the sample-based sounds of early Kanye West and Jay-Z.

With each release which feature his balance of sample-based sounds and mainstream music, Knucks has proven to be in tune with his sound. Staying on this course will definitely land him in the big leagues soon.


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