Kora supports Alara for the first edition of NOK Audio Labs

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Pan-African payment infrastructure, Kora has partnered with Alara,  to kickstart NöK Audio Labs, a series of physical-digital sessions showcasing Afro-cultural talent. “From music to spoken word, satire, audio technology (Binaural Audio) and social interaction, NöK Audio Labs emphasizes the African cultural heritage of our past, present and future by introducing unique, fresh African voices that tell the African story,” according to the project website.

Speaking on the partnership with Alara on NöK Audio Labs, ‘Gbenga Onalaja, Head of Marketing at Kora, said “a lot of our marketing at Kora is geared towards dialing up creativity at a higher frequency to connect our users with the emotional side of the brand, Kora. Alara has been an iconic African brand on that creative frequency. Hence this partnership is a perfect shoo-in.
At our core, we are a cultural brand with a mission to open Africa up to the world. One way we serve this purpose is through payments. Other key checkpoints for us are when we create and tap into African cultural moments.”

Ovye, who defined his music genre as Chongai Soul is the first featured artiste in the series. His soulful and inspiring performance is delivered from the sounds of his album, Ramin Tsuliyan Ungwan Pama.

See more about the project at: nokaudiolabs.com


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