New Ghanaian Collective, La Même Gang Shares Debut Tape.

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New Ghanaian collective, La Même Gang Shares Debut Tape.

When Kanye was awarded MTV’s Video Vanguard at the VMA’s in 2015, he gave an acceptance speech that is mostly notable for two things today, his declaration that he shall run for President in 2020 and his constantly repetition of  “Listen to the kids bro.” Since then, the kids have continued to show why we must be listened to, particularly in the African context. Groups like WafflesnCream have put the Nigerian skate scene on the face of the map and earned widespread following from Western media houses like CNN, BBC and Hypebeast. On the music front, the kids have shown they will leverage the internet and use it to achieve their success. On the tech front, the kids have shown ambition and taken matters into their hands by creating apps like Mudclo to go after services like YouTube. In Accra, Ghana, a new collective, La Meme Gang is also showing that the kids must be listened to as they produce music that extends beyond the typical Afrobeat music Ghanaians may have come to expect from their faves over time.

The potential to lose oneself when becoming a part of something bigger always exists however, throughout the project, we see a range of genres including Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and Trap which gives each artist an opportunity to take centre stage and adds features that prevent us from placing the project within the confines of any single genre.

Often as a result of factors beyond the control of everyone, such as where members are based, collectives shy away from full length projects instead opting for EPs when they choose to release projects. La Meme Gang show promising signs and foreshadow what the future may hold if Darkovibes, $pacely, RJZ, KwakuBs and Kiddblack who all sit between the 20 to 23 age group stay together for the long run and greater good.

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