Lade’s Mesmeric ‘Kunle’ Is A Titan Of A Debut

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The mesmeric voice behind Airtel’s viral 444 jingle, Lade officially introduces herself with her debut single, Kunle. She looks to put a face to the name behind many viral jingles she’s created for major brands as she makes an entry into the music industry by way of this equally mesmeric ode to a chaotic relationship.

Lade’s cheekiness, an apt accompaniment for her seemingly divergent artistry shines through on the single even as she makes heartbreak feel less painful through melodious rhythms driven by snares and colorful synths, and mind-altering ad-libs.

Kunle despite its roots in heartbreak is a mix of spunk, necessary Afropop spinners, and more than a dollop of charm, all of which speaks to Lade’s readiness to take on the industry.


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