Lady Donli’s Kashe Ni Video Is All About Youthful Exuberance

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Lady Donli's Kashe Ni Video Is All About Youthful Exuberance

In March, shortly after a feature on Teffy’s Mission, Lady Donli opened her account for the year with Kashe Ni. The Tobay-produced record sees Donli stray from the norm of shelving emotions and pour her thoughts out as she expresses her love and affection for her partner while highlighting some of his admirable qualities. In the video, she defies the expectation that is likely to arise with songs centered around the topic of love and stays far away from the overplayed music video which revolves around two lovers. Instead, the FP directed video channels youthful exuberance through bright colors and fun shots alongside friends like DJ Femo, Fasina and Malika Hamza.

While the Kashe Ni video’s distinction from the from the norm is impressive, even more interesting might be the fact that there is a display of great detail. On the record, Donli touches on her frosty relationship with makeup but appreciates her lover’s understanding for never making her feel inferior and in the video we are also treated to modest makeup if any at all by Lady Donli. While it may simply show her truly distant relationship from makeup, it is something that could easily have been lost in the production and should be noticed as it suggests the song and the video go hand in hand, something that is all too rare these days.

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