Lady Donli’s ‘W I L D’ Is A Reflective EP Of Lush Vocals And Lithe Acoustics

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For a myriad of people around the world in 2020, striking a balance in life and the new normal was quite the task. While this challenge manifested itself in different ways in different people of diverse cultures and professions, for creatives, leveraging it as an inspiration became the next best thing. In the past year, we’ve enjoyed narratives relating to this and while a good number only scratched the surface, others like Lady Donli on Searching, were primal. On the back of this long-awaited single, she returns in full bloom today on an eclectic new EP titled W I L D.

Taking time away during the pandemic to reset and hone in her craft, the result is a stunning body of work with an underlying presence of African-inspired sounds at the forefront, with influences of RnB, Alternative Jazz, and Hip Hop, scattered through the project.

Speaking on the EP, Lady Donli shared:

“I feel like 2020 was WILD for a lot of people. We went through so many emotions. I was sad, then relieved, then desperate to be out, and I feel like the music is a reflection of that. All my lockdown emotions in one little project.”

With excitement continuing to increase around her persona and her debut project being referred to by some as one of the best albums to come out of Nigeria in the last decade, all eyes remain on the emerging star and her refined sound, with anticipation reaching its peak as W I L D comes to fruition.

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