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The Lagos State Government has rolled out a dress code for its female workers with a directive that none of them should wear clothes, such as miniskirts,  that  expose their cleavages, body shape and other sensitive female body parts.

The decision was taken as a result of worsening cases of indecent dressing among female public servants at the  state secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.

A circular issued by the Head of Service (HoS), Mrs. Josephine Williams, dated  February 7, 2014 has been sent to all government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) calling on all directors of Finance and Administration (DFAs) to immediately enforce the new dress code.

The circular said a similar directive was issued through the HoS in 2005 in a circular number 113 mandating public servants to dress properly and decently to the office and official functions.

The government warned that it would begin to take drastic and punitive measures against recalcitrant public servants who flout the directive.

“It has however been observed with grave concern that some officers have not been complying with this directive. The noticeable non-compliance of some officers to this directive should henceforth stop as the extant civil service rules and regulation on proper and indecent dressing still subsist and will be applied accordingly on flouters,” the HoS said.

Williams listed what is contained in the new dress code for female civil servants, saying that skirts above the knee should not be worn by public servants, adding that dresses allowed are skirts which are of knee level, have moderate slits and not body clinging skirts.

According to her, if female public servants must wear pairs of trousers, they should neither be tight nor revealing and must be worn with a jacket.

Also, gowns to be worn by female public servants must be of knee level, with moderate slits and must neither be sleeveless nor body clinging.

Williams added that if native attires must be worn, they must be worn completely.
The government also reeled out dress code for male public servants. In the dress code for men, administrative officers must wear suits and ties as professionals and other officers could wear  suits and ties or French suit.

Junior and clerical staff are allowed to wear shirts and trousers and French suit while complete native wear is allowed for all cadres of public servants.

“As a matter of necessity, all Directors of Finance and Administration are hereby enjoined to ensure that officers within their purview adhere strictly to moderate and decent dressing,” said the circular.