Lagos State Government Taking Steps To Secure Vaccine

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Unlike other states, the economic hub of Nigeria, Lagos State records the highest number of cases of coronavirus with increasing deaths despite the measures put in place by the Lagos state government to curb the ravaging spread of the virus. With no second lockdown in view, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu speaking on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics programme disclosed the government’s intention to vaccinate up to 50 per cent of the population of Lagos to develop herd immunity to the virus.

We actually want the Federal Government to take the lead and rightful so. As a sovereign, they have all of the contacts and protocols to make that happen. And we are giving them that space. But other than that, we have also taken our destinies into our hands, we have started conversations with some of the vaccine manufacturers. I have made contacts with Pfizer, Oxford–AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna.

We don’t have to vaccinate the 20 or 22 million population in Lagos. The plan is to ensure there is herd immunity, and that is about 50 to 60 per cent of the population, and that is the target to meet.


Since February 2020, Lagos has recorded 45,000 Covid infections.