Laik Speaks His Truth On New Single, “Story”

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Laik Story

Rising from the underground scene, Sierra Leone-bred artist Laik has released his first single of the year, Story. Produced by DJ Wicked and distributed by the Plug Entertainment, Story is a 2-minute 30-second bop that features heartfelt lyrics that seek to welcome the listener into Laik’s story. Commenting on the song’s release on Instagram, Laik simply said “Think it’s about time I said sum,” insinuating that the single would be packed with lines to look out for to understand where he’s coming from.

Laik is a young talented singer-songwriter taking his talents to the global stage. His sound is softly soothing and sensual — crafting pop-perfect anthems with an Afro-beat-infused backbone. He often talks on subjects from personal experiences that are relatable to his audience — bringing socially conscious lyricism to his powerfully emotive tracks. From sad love songs to angry ones, his style encompasses a wide range of relatable emotions as he uses the timeless sounds of soulful R&B to the infectious rhythms of afro style.

Since the release of his debut EP Wanted in 2020, Laik went on some sort of hiatus until 2022 when he released a single titled Onika. Laik started his career back in 2017 with the release of his debut single Love Me. These days he’s getting back in touch with his roots. His latest single Story shows a bit of his vulnerable side as he states that in his story, patience is ideal and although life can get hectic, sometimes a break is needed to get one’s life in order and enjoy the little things. He’s inspired by stories, sounds, and experiences in life, often touching on his struggles of growing up as a child in Sierra Leone, along with other issues such as depression.

“Watch how the story goes…” Laik sings repeatedly. He looks forward to life moving forward as he has been working on acquiring stability in his life; he’s working on himself, his beliefs, his circle, and his mental health. Laik also sings, “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time / Gotta show my city imma really shine / Took a little break been a long ride / Never in a rush always on my own time.” He’s letting his audience know that he’s confident in his story and isn’t going to succumb to the natural pressure that comes with being a player in the music industry. With a bold line like “Anybody feeling sick / We got the antidote” Laik builds on the already confident stance he’s taking with Story. Overall, Story is a deep and assertive track that Laik is using as a means to speak his truth and welcome those that choose to stick with him on an exciting musical journey.

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