Laime Paces Soon-To-Be Released EP With Dancehall Inspired ‘Money Medicine’

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Just last week, Laime was firing off with PsychoYP on Purple Rain, giving us multiple reasons to never question his authenticity and status. This week, as he readies his EP, If Summer Happened, he donnes a new hat that still gives off haughty airs, but allows him an exploration of a range that’s only just coming to light. On Money Medicine, Laime finds meaning in Dancehall-inspired music.

Over a springy beat designed by Mike Misan, Laime, in his well-fitted Rastafarian personality, proves his authenticity to a woman he “met on an island”, this time. In a manner that makes him seem like a suave lover, with patois inspired lines rolling off his tongue as if they belong there, Laime, dazzles in the usual fashion and being the very first step in a soon to be released six-track journey to mass revelation, Money Medicine is a vibrant step sure to leave a mark.

Money Medicine is a product of time spent in solitude, deliberating and searching for outlets. Perhaps a thing of his art affiliations, but the single speaks to the strength of Laime’s imagination, as the dreamt scenario that gives rise to its existence is as vivid as ever, even giving room for relatability.