Listen to Laime’s Impressive Word Play on Oranges, Featuring Famous Bobson

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At some point on the Internet, you would have come across the meme about the feeling of betrayal when your favorite bra tries to stab you in the heart. In as much as we might feel betrayal (wow. such a strong word) every now and again from our favorite artists who release songs that start off great and end up in the opposite direction, or do not even start off at all, this is not one of those songs. Oranges by Laime maintains its tempo all through.

In various art forms, it is not abnormal to witness a non-literal translation of a title. Even so in music, it takes a certain level of finesse to manipulate words to suit and soothe your audience. The word-play in the song is worthy of admiration as the title Oranges is suggestive of a pair of hooters, while the chorus sings of her being the Apple of his eyes. To this, we say wehdone sir!

Asides this minor observation, Oranges which is produced by Telz, is a rather smooth, mixed sound certainty worthy of a spot on your playlist. Listen below.

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