Laime’s Confidence and Skill Shines Through on ‘Totally’

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Laime is constantly proving the worth of his sound in different ways with each release. Last time we heard from the resident nonconformist, he was celebrating the intoxicating feeling of love on Higher Vibrations and despite an apparent narrative constrain, he offers just enough soul and bass on Totally, to not come off as a replica of his previous releases.

Produced by Mike Misan, Laime’s confidence is on full blast, right from the start of the mid-tempo heady affair that is Totally to its final word. This confidence shines through in his presentation to his muse, his eclectic delivery, and the comfort with which he shows off his talent. Mid song, Laime switches from the experimental Pop tinged sound that opened the single, to Dancehall, spotlighting his grip on the gospel of good music that he preaches.

Laime’s sound is gradually becoming for good music and with Totally, it gets closer to reality.

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