Lē Makes A Play For Mainstream Illustrating Their Growth On ‘Inner Child’s View’

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After residing on Soundcloud for the last three years, twenty-one-year-old Nigerian Singer and Songwriter, LĒ has re-released their debut EP, Inner Child’s View on all streaming platforms. This release comes at a point in their life where it feels right to let it go, and connect with a small yet eager fanbase who have fallen in love with the lyrical honesty and musical depth of the young talent.

Recorded over 2015 to 2017, Inner Child’s View is the sound of deep reflection as they use music as a tool for healing. The dissonant chords on the jazzy Good Samaritan whisk you away as they ponder on their own humanity, with the optimism of believing in our capacity for good. The EP shows off their musical range, from a heartfelt RnB slow burners like Sorry to the melancholic jazz club closer in To Be Honest.

LĒ’s vocals take center stage, ringing true as they caress the ears of listeners, unfazed by the wide array of instrumentals presented on the project. As both a queer Nigerian artist, and a survivor of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, they have found a way to channel their truth and trauma into music they hope can connect with people within their conscience.

The song Eleguá, is dedicated to the Yoruba god Èlegba, the God of Crossroads as a way for Inner Child’s View to have a connection to their ancestors. Faced with their own personal crossroads, the release of this project is coming from a place of liberation. LĒ is expressing themselves in their truest sense, as an artist, and an individual finding peace in knowing their place on this plane.


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