Le Mav And Tay Iwar Release Collaborative Project ‘Gold’

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Tay Iwar is known for being the sound genius from the sleepy city of Abuja that contributed to the shaping of his class’ colorful alternative sound. Le Mav is a wallflower that has been working behind the scenes, creating and maintaining the special sound of his generation of non-conforming artists. Weeks ago, the duo announced their partnership as a group named Gold and solidified it with a single, that although was thrilling, came as no surprise considering their status in the industry. Following a couple of weeks of whetting appetites with alluring singles, they share their debut project as an eclectic duo eponymously titled Gold.

Created and directed by the group, Gold is an 8-track wonder featuring seamlessly flowing yet different tracks. Each painting Tay Iwar and Le Mav’s ability to morph a single subject, into various forms that elevate their unique sound to an art piece on all sides.

On Gold, they chant, cheer, serenade, inspire, motivate and captivate and although individualistic, the 8-track project features quintessential Tay quips and mannerisms while maintaining Le Mav’s sleekness and signature honeyed instrumentals.

Gold is a two-sided debut that manages to capture the individuality of both its creators while building a bridge to draw out and accommodate their similarities which by all indications should see this partnership through a lengthy period of time.