Dear Wyclef, Let’s Leave Fela out of This Disaster.

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Honouring greats is something we always ask and that was Wyclef’s initial plan which nobody can fault but now it seems like he’s lost the plot and someone needs to remind him to get our GOAT, Fela Kuti’s name out of this mess he’s put on. Wyclef drops the ball too many times in this video. It seems the video is fast-paced on purpose to foil its failed attempt at a CGI music video. We can tell sir. You are fooling no one.

Moving past in a flash (like almost everything else) is a scene where Wyclef takes the throne. Pause that shot just at the right time and you will see a cushion on the throne that looks like it just survived a tiger attack. It is a disaster. As if this is not enough, Wyclef goes from a gold suit in the presence of royalty to a Mr. Price looking shirt and a pair of shades sitting on a staircase. Very incoherent and not what you expect from a veteran.

If there’s anything this video successfully does, it leaves you confused as to what is it going on.  Please leave our beloved Fela out of this.

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