Lemon Curd 3 Is Where To Be This Saturday

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The good people at Lucid Lemons are all about appreciating the different forms of Nigerian art and this Saturday, they shall host their annual festival, The Lemon Curd 3. It’s quite easily the only place you should be on Saturday if we do say so ourselves.

The lineup is a good balance of acts you’d give everything to hear again and the best musicians on the block at the moment. Throwing it back with Styl Plus and Blackmagic is fun especially when you also get to hear acts like Terry Apala, Tomi Thomas, D-O, Fresh L, PsychoYP, Ayüü, AYLØ, Yinka Bernie, Maka, Zilla Oaks and Tim Lyre who represent a good cross section of who should be on your speakers.

There will also be five less established acts taking the stage if they emerge top three in voting a competition currently being run on the Lucid Lemons Instagram. Voting closes today so, get to it.

One of the most meaningful additions to the Lemon Curd 3 is the Cause Row. Forgetting the problems we face daily is easy particularly in the midst of all the madness and Lucid Lemons is intent on diverting attention towards organisations like We Will Not Be Silent, the Man Up Initiative and Inspire Lagos who have worked on publicising and raising sexual assault awareness as well as youth empowerment. Other additions include a date auction and a cook-off.

Lucid Lemons has it right and with trial runs under their belt, it’s pretty certain that Saturday will go right. Be at Lemon Curd 3 at Muri Okunola all day this Saturday or be square.

Buy tickets here.

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