LeriQ Is All About Intimacy With His New EP ‘LUV.wav’

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LUV.wav - LeriQ

Its LeriQ call the Paramedic because our hearts can’t contain the outpour of sentiments from his sophomore project; LUV.wav. Leriq’s transition to music still comes as a wonderful surprise to all. Known for reliable afropop production LeriQ branched out in 2015; when he debuted with his first EP; The Lost Sounds to focus on his own music and we’re definitely enjoying it.

The Luv.Wav EP is a wavy combination of 6 love songs characterized by atmospheric synths; a fusion of soft keys and gyrating drums, LeriQ’s soft euphonious vocals that create wistful ripples in the mind of the listener, melodic strings, lent vocals from Ed iZycs and Sneary Special and sensational builds from love song to love song. His production and corny lyrics corroborate the appropriately titled EP.

He claims to have worked on this project specially for his fans to prepare their minds for the kind of work he intends the Eureka Creations brand to represent. Oh and we’re definitely luving the album art. LUV.wav was released in July and is available on all major platforms including iTunes and Spotify.



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