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It’s crazy to think that there was a time when you and I did not see eye to eye. I’d come home for the weekend from boarding school, and it would be a weekend full of disagreements, which normally ended in me sulking in my room on more than one occasion. I was a ‘moody so and so’ as you’d say, and if someone had told me back then, that we’d be where we are today, I probably would have laughed in their face. But I’m so thankful for the way our relationship has grown, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know whenever I used to say I was your friend, your response would be “Damini, I’m your mother, not your friend”, but I can confidently say we have got to a point when you’re both my mother and my best friend. I’m at a point where I’m able to appreciate things about you, in a way I wasn’t able to when I was younger and in full ‘my mother just doesn’t get me’ mode. Your sacrifice for one, is one thing that will always amaze me, and I don’t think I will fully grasp the extent to which it goes til I’m a Mother myself. You do this daily, and without any  complaints.

Just by being yourself, you taught me the importance of grace and intelligence. I haven’t met many people in life with a mind like yours, and the way you carry yourself in situations that appear difficult, it’s a grace I don’t yet have, but I’m praying I get someday. You know just what to say, even at times when I don’t realise what it is that I actually needed to hear. As cliche as the saying ‘mum knows best’ is, I am only recently just realising how true that is. Who would have thought 5/6 years ago, that you would become one of my greatest advisors?

Even something as small as when you make me laugh, and I tell you how funny you are, to which you reply ‘so I’m here for your amusement?’, which just sets me off in fits of laughter again. Or how from a young age you taught me the appreciation of a good book. My love of words, reading, literature, it’s down to you, and it’s something I see in my younger brothers too. I actually wonder if I would have this passion for writing, if you didn’t get me to fall in love with words the way you did. You have no idea how happy I am that you did!

Honestly, I could be here for hours if I was to list all the things I find wonderful about you. Even though whenever I let you know how great I think you are you simply say ‘It’s my duty’, that doesn’t stop me from being grateful, and thanking God for your life each and every day. I really got the good end of the deal when he was handing out Mums and I wouldn’t trade you for a thing. When I have children, if they see me how I see you, I would be the happiest person in the world. This all sounds so cheesy, I’ll admit, and I’m usually not a fan of cheese, but there’s no other way to let you know what you mean to me.

I might be thousands of miles away from you right now, but at times it’s like I’ve never been closer to you (just over a month till you get to see my lovely face again!)

To my biggest inspiration, and motivator,

I love you,

Thank you for being you!


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