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Dear Mother,
To the woman who gave me more than life
Perfumed in selflessness and determination
Walks with the confidence of a thousand men
A sunrise, our sunrise after an emotional eclipse
An extraordinary example of what a mother should be,
A picturesque story written for the world to see
A poem carefully and cleverly constructed by God
Talks like God and Maya Angelou devised each word
And on those days when I doubt God the most,
I find him somewhere between your smile and your heart
You are the personification of ‘Beautiful Black Woman’
Your aura alone knocks a smile deep into my soul
You are the embodiment of strength and yet so loving
Your unwavering love flows freely like the river Nile
Washing over those lucky enough to experience it
Any room you walk into is bathed in your presence
I love you more than my words could ever convey
I owe you much more than money could ever repay
And if I could give you the world I would and if
I could make the Sun revolve around the Earth,
For you I would,
For you, I would move every mountain
Place stars in your lap whenever you are un-happy
You are more than just the word “Mother” to me
I want to be all I can be,
Till I see the word ‘proud’
Tattooed on your heart,
and all over your soul
I hope these words I have woven, find you well
Let you know how special you are to me, to US
It’s not much, but
Happy Mothers Day.