Lil Kesh Shows Why Less Is More in ‘Baby Favor’ Video

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Lil Kesh Shows Why Less Is More in 'Baby Favor' Video

Self acclaimed King of The New School, Lil Kesh dresses to impress in his new video – Baby Favor. The video begins with the king on his throne, with the embodiment of various dance genres showcasing themselves to king with his reactions to their performances. The video then evolves to a soiree of dancing and jubilation, but one thing that stands out is the impeccable dress sense that accompanies this evolution.

Directed by Unlimited LA, the outfits, energy, props, sets and animation of the characters seem to line up perfectly and compliment each other. With just 4 simple sets, and 4 simpler outfits, Lil Kesh is seen to be having the time of his life. His showmanship shines all through the video. The energy of the lyrics are successfully translated into visuals and is rather fascinating to watch.

The video proves that sometimes, less is more.

Enjoy Below.


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