Listen to Davina Oriakhi’s new single ‘Hosea 4v6’

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listen to davina oriakhi's juju, the final single ahead of her debut LP

With the lulling, mood-inducing quality of her vocals, the soulful interpretation of organic lyrics and a true passion and steadfastness, Davina Oriakhi has been able to transcend the SoundCloud underdog status into a non-conforming niche in mainstream music, exclusive to only those who can properly immerse themselves in the spiritual texture of her sound.

Coming from a place of more vibrant deliveries in Content to JuJu, Davina’s latest release; Hosea 4v6, with its remedying intent complete with a kaleidoscopic soundscape made whole by similar ad-libs, a smoky hook, and very engaging vilifying narrative comes as no surprise to us.

Davina’s journey in the music scene is one that boasts evolution and for every stakeholder in this journey, it’s quite exciting to watch.

Watch the lyric video for Hosea 4v6 below.

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