Listen to ISWIS: The ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ Episode

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Pod favourites Jola Ayeye and Feyikemi Abudu bring on Ade Balogun in a well-rounded session for this week titled ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. FK enjoyed a bout of popularity yesterday with a hilarious tweet that went viral and she certainly seemed in high spirits as she and Jollz joked about America’s last-born problems, running a farm and the ordeal of getting waxed as they got the show started.

Architect, loctician, and renewable energy consultant Ade Balogun relay a wealth of information in this episode from the amazing offer of renewable energy to rural dwellers at an affordable cost to the many ways that loc heads can stay fashionable. Side note: Ade’s loc studio in Dolphin Estate is the reason why I’m both a loc head and a baby girl.

Getting personal in the ensuing girl talk, the girls discuss Ade’s background, the peculiarities of polyamorous Lagos-Island women, and parent-child relationships punctuated by subs and laughs in the usual ISWIS fashion. Listen to serious discussions on the Nigerian healthcare system, caring for a sick parent, and more in this gratifying, all-encompassing, new episode.

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