Listen to ISWIS: The “New Kid on The Block” Episode

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Jollz and FK get with comedian, influencer, and social media sensation, Oli Ekun aka ÀGBÀ for this week’s edition of ISWIS and it’s full of laughs. A little here, a little there, and all three touch on every valid gist possible including doing some voice acting, a lot of jesting, and swapping of trade secrets.

A special favorite of the girls, Oli Ekun talks about his rise to popularity from a condolence message gone viral. Also available to give the much-needed male perspective on the typically one-sided ISWIS discussions, ÀGBÀ talks of his beloved Ibadan and the contrast with living in Lagos. A play by play of Nigerian men and their tendencies based on culture follows while Ekun manages to convince us that regardless of Jollz’s terrible experience using Google Maps previously, Ibadan is still the best place for vibes.

Listen to the episode below:

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