Listen to Kobi Jonz Strike a Balance Between Genres on Debut EP “Xylem”

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Nigerian artist, Kobi Jonz brings forth a new vibe to his fans and new listeners with the release of his long awaited debut EP Xylem. The project was released on June 29, 2018. Xylem which is composed of 8 tracks is a blend of genres that resonates from life experiences both of joy and pain, and striking a balance between rap, afrobeat and dancehall.

Kobi’s music reflects the influence of greats music legends like Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Kanye West and Burna Boy. “Xylem depicts growth; and a stem that holds the system” in the words of a rising star. The new EP includes songs like “Long Nights” where Kobi expresses his hope for a breakthrough, “Waited for me” where he shows gratitude to his fans for their patience and “Conscious” a classic that takes the audience on a quest to self-love.

Along with the EP release, Kobi will be sharing the stage with mainstream artists like Burna Boy and TuFace Idibia at upcoming shows in Houston and Dallas, respectively. While he has collaborated with Falz and is often labeled as a ‘wavy lyricist’ (some have even compared him to Sean Paul) Kobi’s style of music meets at the juncture of different genres.

There’s something about Kobi Jonz that is different, and with his debut project he has discovered what most Nigerian artists spend eternity working on, the ability to connect with his audience and new listeners through lyrics and catchy melodies.



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