Listen To Riton And Kah-Lo Sail Through 14 High Energy Tracks In Debut Album With Assists From Mr Eazi And Davido

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Shortly after the release of their first joint single Riton and Kah-Lo finally fully cash in on a partnership stirred by a crowd controlling single that put them on the global radar for funk-tastic Electro Dance Music and earned them a Grammy nomination with their debut album titled Foreign Ororo which is an extension of the funky buzz they created in Rinse And Repeat.

The 14-track album mirrors the reality of a typical night out by denoting the circumstances surrounding the slinky steps taken to get lost in a maze of wild fun without a care in the world and each of these 14 tracks follow a common theme that demonstrate a desire to be under the influence of powerful acoustic driven sounds diversifying only in about 3 tracks that touch on other subjects. While each track has a completely different feel they seamlessly flow each other showcasing a kaleidoscopic versatility that propels the best of Kah-Lo’s comfortable vocals finessing easy punchlines and Riton’s soundscapes of high energy mechanical twists driven by acoustics ranging from pulsating electro and futuristic synths, bouncy 808s, distorted keys among a host of other instruments fine-tuned by the boundless DJ.

Foreign Ororo includes previously released singles; Catching FeelingsMoney, Beta Riddim among others assisted by the hottest names in the Nigerian music scene; Davido, Mr Eazi, Riton in Fasta which not only features the DJ’s diverse production but also, his lucid vocals and Boy Matthews in brand new; Ready To Make A Move. These tracks follow the album’s high energy tone-setting opening number, Rinse And Repeat like the rest of the album; an upward spiral of the eclectic energy the duo create that incites feelings that will have you desiring to wind it up on the nearest dance floor.

Riton and Kah-Lo’s debut album is a journey through a mesh of spirited Pop music, European House and Afrobeat resulting in a genre-defying sound that soundtracks the revolution of Electronic Dance Music and it sails over our expectations of the unlikely pair who are gradually amassing a faction of followers and random listeners who will look to their sound for direction in certain situations.

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