Lolade Gets Brutally Honest On Sophomore Single ‘Fireflies’

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Several months, moods and genres removed from her acclaimed 2021 debut, Dive featuring Fuga the Pirate, solace isn’t on the singer, Lolade’s mind right now, especially not with the kind of mind-frame that inspires lines like, “the streets are missing, they say they want me back” on her latest, Fireflies. In a manner that suggests she’s more confident, especially now that her debut has been received with grace, Lolade takes on her lover’s deference and juxtaposing it with the brashness she displays from start to finish of the single.

Fireflies paint a hazy picture – just like Lolade’s mind state – of a struggle a lot of people are all too familiar with; albeit with the type of energy signature to similar songs with high tempos and mesmeric 808s.

Fireflies is Lolade’s first shot and attempt at diversity and with the way she handles its edginess, in comparison to Dive, her range begins its journey to relevance.

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