Loti And Buju Interpret Growing Pains As A Good Time On ‘Time Of Our Lives’

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Budding charmer, Loti and Producer, KD are a tandem changing the narratives that define the artist-producer relationship, especially for artists in their class. Building on the back of singles like Realer, the duo is well on their way to becoming important subjects of conversations stemming from relationships like that with an upcoming EP titled Sins and Scenes. Having already flagged off its release with Realer, they continue down the promotion path with Time Of Our Lives, a colorful mix of sounds and emotions that also serves as an ode to their growing pains.

Over a springy plane of synthesized saxophones that serve as an exotic seasoning to a mix of other percussions produced by KD, Loti, and Buju take us through the twists and turns of being young adults, weaving their off-kilter articulation styles to create a welcoming ambiance.

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