Loti Releases Video to New Single ‘Mainland’

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Lagos based RnB singer and songwriter Loti released a new single ‘Mainland’ on Thursday the 26th of May. The new single is Loti’s way of reintroducing himself. On ‘Mainland’ he talks about the struggles and complexities of the mainland.

Lagos is usually divided into two distinct parts; the island and the mainland. The mainland, often considered the less affluent of the two parts, is known for its grind and notorious hustlers. Loti takes us through that grind on this anthem for hustlers.

“I’m from the mainland, I know say I ghetto but na real life” Loti sings as he expresses the reality of a mainlander. ‘Mainland’ starts off talking about struggles, but quickly turns to an ode confessing what’s possible when Loti sings “Bad as e bad we go make am, we go too get money. Girl of your dreams you go date am, na you she go call honey.”

Walahi Steph produced the track and Adeolu (Visuals By Luminous) shot the video.

Loti has confirmed that he will be performing ‘Mainland’ at Mainland Block Party; one of the biggest parties on the mainland.

‘Mainland’ is the first single off his upcoming EP Gorimapa Gangsta Vol 1.

Watch the video below.

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