M.I And A-Q Demonstrate Rap Excellence On Joint EP ‘The Live Report’

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M.I and A-Q have mastered the art of challenging the norms with their brazen approach to rap in Nigeria. For years, as a collective, their label was the glue that held the hip-hop industry together. And individually, they have proven to be worthy contenders of any relevant title for acclaimed MCs. Following a myriad of collaborations, the dynamic and synergetic duo have recognized their synchronicity and just how much of a charm they’re perceived as in the public. They ride this wave to the fullest this week with a surprise joint EP titled, The Live Report.

The nostalgic freshness backed by an intellectual heavyweight of the project glosses over the fact it was curated in less than five days, a fact not as mindblowing as expected considering the fact that both are believed to be rap royalty.

M.I and A-Q skirt around a host of subjects powered by impressive rap schemes and biting punchlines accompanied by worthy instrumentals, but of the six Beats By Jayy-produced tracks, it’s the introductory track, Tone Of The Conversation, that ends up heralding the greatness of the project. The Nawe-assisted When I’m Gone stirs up the feels while the visceral Jesus Said Use Your Head demonstrates the viciousness we’ve come to associate with cocky rappers like M.I and A-Q.

As is normal for both rappers, the project symbolically mimics real-life situations with literal deliveries that inspire deep thoughts.

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