Namibian Group, M.I.G Switches Focus On Their 2021 Debut ‘Tingolo’

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From Rundu, Namibia to the world, M.I.G. won’t be stopped. The six-man group from Namibia continues to play their part in extending the scope of Afropop and all it can conceivably mean when synthesized from six points of view. Their June 2020 offering, Keep My Soul, was a response to the state of the world as several countries had to lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But with some of these issues gradually getting behind us, they switch focus. Tingolo, a glittery pop anthem and M.I.G’s first artistic declaration of 2021 find them melding their signature emotiveness with the kind of prosaic songwriting that has won them acclaim in Southern Africa and beyond.

Tingolo, which translates to teasing touches on love and the things they do to foster its growth in their relationships. In mesmeric fashion, their typical song-rap style transitions into more ebullient singing and declaration of love that eventually climaxes into a worthy closer.

Tingolo is a breath of fresh air steeped in culture and talent, the entire world needs and deserves.


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