M.I Abaga Set To Take On Nollywood in 2019

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M.I Abaga to produce film

Over the past decade, M.I has asserted himself as the king of rap in the Nigerian hip-hop scene often referring to himself as the Nigerian rap messiah. Now, he is planning to expand his exploits to Nollywood in 2019 and not in the way you would expect.

M.I got a whiff of Nollywood air with his cameo in EbonyLife’s Chief Daddy last year. Yet, unlike a number of musicians who have in recent times opted to take a dip in the film industry pool by trying their hands with acting, the rapper has chosen instead to move behind the scenes as he plans to produce a film this year. M.I recently shared his Nollywood goal with the world via his instagram page.


We’re excited to see what the rapper-cum-movie producer gets up to later in the year regarding the film industry.


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