M.I’s “Plan B” Is A Message To The Nigerian Government

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M.I’s ‘Plan B’ Is A Message To Stakeholders Of Nigerian Society 

Mr. Incredible of Nigerian hip-hop, M.I Abaga sends a strong message to the ruling class and other stakeholders in Nigerian society with his new single, Plan B.

Starting the year after an impressive 2022 with his album The Guy, M.I. in Plan B touches on critical issues hindering the growth and development of Nigeria.  With his ever-catchy lyrics and rhythm, M.I. reflects on and draws attention to the corruption that’s the order of the day in society, insecurity, unemployment, and social issues affecting young people in Nigeria.

 Plan B which is a symbol for alternative plans and solutions proffers a solution to the plethora of Nigerian problems. Against the backdrop of a new administration, Plan B is a message to the powers that be to solve the problems they promised during the campaign season. 

Plan B joins Falz’s Yakubu in drawing attention to anomalies in Nigeria that are begging for solutions. 

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