Mafeni Reprises Shaggy’s Role As A Love Whisperer On Malik Bawa Assisted ‘Midnite Lover’

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More than two decades ago, Jamaican singer, Shaggy, delivered a twelve-track album titled Midnite Lover, that placed him on a pedestal amid fellow industry love whisperers. It’s 2021 and Nigerian singer, Mafeni, reprises Shaggy’s role as a lover with a mission on his latest single of the same title, Midnite Lover.

Mafeni views the sweet nostalgia of the classic album from his rearview mirror as his performance on Midnite Lover brings to the center, all the elements of his artistry that make him stand out in this time. Steeped in metaphors that speak to his connection with the trends of today’s time, metaphors punctuated and anchored by supine percussions as captivating as his narrative and feelings for his muse, Mafeni’s booming but velvety bass vocals carries the weight of his emotions as he appraises his relationship with this midnight lover who’s “prim and proper” and a “real smooth talker”, features that describe his personality on the single.

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