Get Hip with MaisonLondon’s New Singles, ‘Important’ and ‘Can’t Stop Me’

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Get Hip with Maison2500's New Singles, 'Important' and 'Can't Stop Me'

Maison London’s music has never individually featured on Culture Custodian however, we’ve acknowledged him as a member of New World No Politics Mob, the radical new wave of hip hop in Nigeria. With the release of his two new singles, Important and Can’t Stop Me, we can promise you we won’t be sleeping on him anymore.

The UK-based designer may have caught your attention with garments but his swag-rapping is also worthy of a spot on your playlist. His two new releases tap into a popular feel of music that you would be hard pressed to describe without using the word, ‘vibe’.

On Important, he brags about having clout, and delivers a catchy, head-bopping chorus that you want to hear more than once. And on the acoustic guitar-laden Can’t Stop Me, he features mob partner, New World Ray, and raps about doing what he likes unchallenged, also dropping some A1 fashion references along the way, like when he raps:

‘Got a pretty face, but I got acne on my jeans.’

Listen to Important and Can’t Stop Me below

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