Mr Eazi Joins Nicki Minaj And K4MO On Major Lazer’s ‘Oh My Gawd’

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Major Lazer and Mr Eazi pick off from where they left off on Tied Up today on Oh My Gawd, the former’s latest offering from their soon-to-be-released EP, Lazerism. Steeped in the Dancehall sound that clouded the group’s beginnings, Oh My Gawd projects a lusty narrative, majorly about seductive bodyparts within a pan-African and Caribbean sonic context powered by Mr Eazi, Nicki Minaj, and K4MO.

As usual Major Lazer handles their springy instrumentals deftly, giving the eclectic trio a solid soundscape to offload their catchy lyrics on.

Mr Eazi, whose hook draws on the captivating nature of songs like this shines as brightly as Nicki, whose punchlines give the track the edge it needs, and K4MO, the bridge that connects all of them to the world via his infectious chorus.

Oh My Gawd is yet another iteration of Major Lazer’s knack for world-dominating sounds and who better to drive us through summer than the fine trio of Mr Eazi, Nicki Minaj and K4MO.