Major Takeaways from Peter Obi’s Press Briefing

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Yesterday, Labour Party(LP) Presidential candidate Peter Obi broke his silence on the presidential elections. He addressed the country via a media briefing in Abuja.

Nigerians, particularly, the ‘Obidients’ had been waiting anxiously for Obi to offer some direction on the next line of action in seeking redress over the Presidential election. At the conference which lasted almost an hour, Obi had a lot to say. Here are some takeaways.

Paying Tribute

Obi started the press conference by paying tribute to all the Nigerians who lost their lives during the elections and offering assurances that their death won’t be in vain. He also acknowledged Jennifer Seifegha who was attacked in Lagos but still came out to vote afterwards. Obi stated that her action signified the spirit of the Nigerian youth whom he said are committed and resilient for a better Nigeria. 

LP won the elections and we will prove it to the world

The conference was centered around Obi’s stance on the elections and he used the opportunity to declare that the Labour party will be challenging the outcome of the election in court. He stated that the 2023 presidential elections were the most controversial elections in recent history and that it did not reflect the will of the Nigerian people. He also announced that he would explore all legal steps in reclaiming their stolen mandate.

Disses at INEC

Peter Obi didn’t leave without dissing the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). He accused the electoral body of conducting a programmed election and declared that they should have used the budget earmarked for the elections instead of conducting Saturday’s sham. He decried the fact after over 6 decades post independence the country should be able to conduct free and fair elections.

Offering Assurances

Reacting to videos of young Nigerians tearing their voters’ card, and making plans to japa, and losing hope in the country, Obi urged them not to despair, as he has no intentions of leaving but would walk with Nigerian youths in building the country of their dreams. He encouraged the youths to be resolute and have faith that a new Nigeria is possible.

Swipe at the President-elect

If you must be addressed as ‘Your Excellency’, the process that brought you in must be excellent.

Obi took issue with the President-elect and the flawed process that brought him to power. This was in response to Tinubu’s statement that to win an election, there must be some malpractice in some areas. Obi continued by stating that a better Nigeria can’t be built on a faulty foundation.

The integrity of the court

When questioned on his trust of the judiciary, Obi professed his faith that the court will do the right thing. He went down memory lane noting how he reclaimed his mandate and became the Governor of Anambra on the back of a court ruling and channeled the role of the courts in overturning his impeachment. He argued that as a beneficiary of the integrity of the court, he retained confidence and trust in the courts and its processes.

The tear-jerking anecdote

While answering a question, Obi recounted an encounter with a young Nigerian graduate who couldn’t start a business due to her inability to afford a N75,000 oven. Obi shed a tear before he dropped the microphone. He went on to state that people like the unemployed graduate were a source of courage and resilience in his fight for a new Nigeria.




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