Listen to Maleek Berry’s Latest Afro-Pop Offering, Bend It

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Listen to Maleek Berry's latest effort, Bend It

Following an impressive showing at his concert in the UK over the weekend, Maleek Berry has gone on to release a self-produced, Afro-Carribean leaning track tagged Bend It which feeds into the narrative that very few can boast a better year for producer turned pop star since his coming out party in the summer of 2016.

With this effort which marks his third individual track of the year, Maleek continues his perfect batting and again touches on the topic of love while managing to do so without boring listeners with repetitive melodies and stories.

Maleek Berry is still perfect from the spot with 4 Me, Been Calling, Juice and videos still doing well and signs of slowing down are nowhere in sight.

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