Maleek Berry Reminisces Lost Love On “Pon My Mind”

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After the sky rocking success of his summer EP Last Daze of Summer, Maleek Berry has now announced his follow up EP, First Daze of Winter through the release of the first single; Pon My Mind.

Although the song maintains a nice and catchy tune, like every song of his, it fails to bring anything new to the table. The vocals, beats and even the lyrics contain the same controlling idea like every other release of his. A love story delivered with mellow vocals and striking afro-beat background. There’s no new angle for fans to see if he indeed has developed his tune as he sports the same concept.

Like most of the songs Maleek Berry has released, “Pon My Mind” is a love song, hidden under an up-tempo beat and although it possesses a “chilled” factor, neither the song nor the lyrics allow his vocals shine through.

The song however used nice lyrics to explain a story enough people can relate to – a story of lost love and admitting wrong, which never really goes out of style.

Speaking with BBC 1Xtra about the song, Maleek said:

“It’s about being in a situation, admitting your wrongs and just blatantly saying ‘you’ve been on my mind, I want you back’.

It’s something everyone can relate to, something I’ve been through. So, it was easy to write because it was real.”

About the upcoming EP, he continued:

“The whole concept behind the EP is that it’s a lot darker and it’s a lot warmer. I’m a lot more emotional on the songs and a lot more vulnerable.”

There will be more to expect from the entire EP considering the openness put into the project. In the meantime, check out the song below:

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