Psycho YP, Lexjnr, Ayüü And Sways Flex Their Lyrical Weight On Malik Bawa’s ‘Uber Away’

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One half of a Producer tandem called Novlty with a number of profound songs to his credit, Maryland based Malik Bawa is a Nigerian Producer on the rise who wields his deft handling of forward, experimental sounds as his beacon of choice in the industry. Last month, his tasteful sounds put his collaborative project, Way Up North with Marv OTM on our radars, and with no time to waste, he reinforces his presence with a Trap infused self-confidence teeming single titled Uber Away.

Powered by like-minds including Lexjnr, PsychoYP, Ayüü, and Sways Uber Away digs into a plot centered around a party rendezvous and of course lust, with PsychoYP leading the pack by way of an intoxicating verse delivered in his signature laid-back but piked flow. His verse is complemented with Ayüü’s melodic approach and sways’ premium Grime touch which when combined, sparks heady emotions.