YKB And Preezie J Join Marllie On Summer Climax ‘Kickback’

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Off his collaborative energy, LA-based Nigerian artist, Marllie has been inching towards mainstream acclaim. This year, he’s gotten a rare cosign from M.I. Abaga. He also opened for Rema during the LA installment of his American tour, performing side by side with the budding titan. Building on this, he shares Kickback, yet another breezy single that buys into the melodic structures of the biggest pop acts while staying true to his influences and story.

The song features budding Lagos-favorite YKB and Preezie J, a frequent collaborator of Marllie’s. Together, the trio serenades a love interest, utilizing their distinct vocal deliveries to spice this affectionate number. Backed by a lively pop beat, YKB, begins the record, crooning “Kickback, baby at the kickback” on the chorus. Preezie follows the captivating chorus with infectious energy, coloring in more detail about the single’s muse.

Marllie’s recollection of a night out turns wild quickly, the narrative oozing of his multicultural swagger. While it evokes the atmosphere of open-air parties, Kickback still finds Marllie making strong lyrical proclamations, going from lover to shooter within the space of a bar. “I’m shooting my shots without even pulling triggers but if the niggas come I’m ready to take a shot on them,” he raps with deathly precision.

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