Marv OTM And PsychoYP Are Brimming With Brass On Two-Pack ‘Holy Grail’

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Marv OTM and PsychoYP under their Apex Village imprint continue to attack normalcy in the industry with their sonic dispensation, work rate, and sense of urgency that follows and paces all their releases so far in 2021. Fresh off the release of his power trip with Cruise Gang and SGawD on Cruise Control and PsychoYP’s unending feature run, they find their way back to each other on a two-pack single, Holy Grail. The duo recognizes the power they now wield and the strength of their influence and this is telling in the single’s title and their cocksure delivery.

Opening up with sharp flamencos produced by Pilgrim Beats, the braggadocio that inspires them wastes no time in showing up right from the very line on Rain Dance Chain Dance, the pack’s introductory single. In full trap gear, they deliver in required doses, telling of flashy lives they lead and prepping the path for ensuing single, Suit & Tie, a lower tempo ode to their achievements and desires. The Trill XOE and KD produced Suit & Tie features Ghanian rapper, $pacely, who contributes mind-altering lines to PsychoYP’s elite wordplay.

Creatives like Marv OTM and PsychoYP have redefined what and how Hip hop is perceived in Nigeria and with projects like Holy Grail serving as preliminaries, their prospects are really exciting.