Mayorkun Shares Ode To Women With Artistic ‘Up To Something’ Video

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For the past few months, Mayorkun has been planning the perfect comeback, giving us glimpses into future projects with social media shared snippets and insufficient features. As the year draws to an end, the urgency to leave a lasting impression prompts him to release his second post-album single, Up to Something, an ode to women of all shapes, sizes, and forms.
Reminiscent of Davido’s Wonder Woman, what the lyrically sparse track lacks in sound, it makes up for in visuals as Mayorkun attempts to pull off a Kanye West-inspired performance in the video which also bears resemblance to the latter’s award-winning video Runaway.
More than anything, Mayorkun’s desire to botch beauty standards in our society flies high on what is definitely not his best effort in a while.

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