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Daniel Oshodi-Alagoa, better known by his stage name BILS is an Afrorap/Afropop artist, with a unique and engaging sound that is heavily influenced by his late brother David Oshodi Alagoa, Fela Kuti, and Tupac Shakur. His journey in music started just before he relocated to America to continue his studies; there he achieved a Bachelors in Computer Sciences from Texas Southern University.

Explaining how he got his name, he said, “BILS (Built-in Lagos State), my brother gave me that. I used to go by Hoodbilli when I first started, but my Brother had always called me Bils. When he died, I took that name Bils, because every time someone says it, it reminds me of him.”

The 4 times Nigeria Entertainment Award Nominee released a 7 track EP in 2019 titled “Mans On The Move”, a fusion of Afro beats, soul-lifting melodies, and hard rap which charted #1 on the iTunes US world charts. Bils has gone on to perform at SXSW twice, which is one of the biggest conglomeration films and music festivals with an average of over 200,000 attendees and its stage showcase some of the world’s biggest talents.

His art has earned him recognition over the years and features with the likes of Afrobeat Superstar Olamide Badoo amongst others, His music has been described by fans as catchy, engaging, and unique enough to grab any music lover’s attention.

Describing his process, he said, “After I record a song when I’m playing it back, I turn up the volume, I turn off all the lights, I lay on the floor in the studio, and close my eyes; I love to feel the vibration of the music. It’s spiritual.”

When asked which stars he’d like to share a stage with, he said, “This one is tough, some of them aren’t alive, but being on stage with Fela Kuti, the godfather of afrobeat, I can’t even express how that would feel, and then Kanye west, I love how unpredictable he is, the audience never knows what Kanye is going to do, I’ll like to be a part of that someday soon.”

Outside of music, his passions include the eradication of child labour, spending quality time with loved ones, vintage arcade games, and fulfilling his foodie craving with a standard party portion of jollof rice, fried rice thoroughly garnished with plantain, salad, and turkey, foodie alert!

He also has a flair for fashion as he grew up around his dad’s clothing brand which influenced his experience of fabrics, fittings, and finding his comfort zone with his style.

“I like being cosy, I like jackets, hoodies. I love active-wear Adidas, Nike, and Puma,” Bils said. “I was into skating which made me love Vans, Converse, and brands people don’t know about. I do love statement pieces. My dad makes clothes too, “Nuel Garment” So that was my first love, I love the way his clothes fit. It’s really how the clothes make me feel, as long as I am comfortable in them. I love it!”

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Bils.

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