Charm And Confidence Meet On Minz’s Final Single Of 2020 ‘BDMN’

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With the holiday season not packing as much energy, as usual, owing to the pandemic, musicians are offering the creme of the crop of their signature sounds to make up for the lag. Minz is one of them who attempts to tweak his already unique Afrofusion sound on BDMN, his latest and last release of 2020.

The Orbeat produced single finds Minz marking his territory by declaring his undying love for his muse. His confidence brimming rendition of lines like “for your case oh, see as I bin dodging the popo, but I no get any regret, oh, na you dey give me confidence oh“ speaks to his resilience and the depth of his feelings which he solidifies with a midtempo mix of breezy percussions which just like his sweet words will make you want to go on a rampage with your muse.

An apt follow up to the earlier released Quarantino, BDMN is a mid-tempo but effusive effort to round up a tough year.

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