Minz Delivers Sterling Afro-Pop Music With Story and Odoyewu

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listen to minz on his two new tracks, odoyewu and story

An increasing wave of artist-producers are waving the flag of the new age with the considerable popularity of artists like Nonso Amadi, Odunsi and Tay Iwar creating the illusion that the quality only truly exists in the genres of Afro-Fusion and RnB. The result is the subconscious belief that merit-worthy Nigerian Afro-Pop remains a thing delivered only by the likes of Wande Coal, Tekno, Wizkid and Davido. Artists like Minz and Jilex Anderson, however, continue to give hope to the future of Afro-Pop music. Minz who scored two fruitful 2016 tracks in Aunty Patricia and Talk proves to anyone who may have believed them to be flukes that he is capable with his first releases in 2017, a pair of singles, Story and Odoyewu.

Odoyewu, which loosely translates to “my love till the end” in the Ghanaian language Twi is ironic considering Minz opens with lines which give the impression he is attempting to pick up a girl in the club before planting the idea that they are more familiar with themselves later on in the record. Minz collaborates with Mowizzy on the production and they resort to utilizing arpeggios in the background to grasp the attention of listeners on the uptempo track which is just right for a day by the pool.

His second track, Story possesses a Tekno-esque flow as he seeks complete understanding and promises to do no wrongs.  The use of full chords provided by a piano in the background on this track heightens the passion felt in the message conveyed.

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