Minz Heads to Gabon for Colorful ‘Odoyewu’ Video

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While many of his peers stray from creating afropop music, Minz has embraced his identity as an artist who wants to shake the doors and win the ears while creating in the most saturated genre. Cuts like Odoyewu and Story helped him usher in the New Year in Gabon. What on the surface looked simply to be a booking may now be showing itself to have been a strategic move to spread the music to an additional market.

With a feature on Gabonese act, Says’z latest single Bebi as well as a couple of other collaborations, Minz may have slowly introduced himself to Gabon where he shot his video for 2017 release, Odoyewu. In the video, we see Minz shoot a video more likely to be suited for a street-hop single as school children and the masses hit the streets with their dance moves